'Angel' picture that inspired...'

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'A CLOUD resembling an angel provided a photographer with inspiration to set up her own business with further hopes for her own Charity.

CJ Holding was in a car travelling through Somerset when she noticed the "image" in the sky. As soon as she had taken of it, the cloud vanished.

Some people have told her the image resembles an angel with scarlet hair, glowing body and blue trail.

Miss Holding, 33, who owns the Studio Gallery at Manor Farm, Peppard, took the photograph in June 2003 and called it 'Angel'. The image, which was developed from a 35mm film and has not been enhanced in any way, was first published in the Standard’s Diary page in April 2009.

Miss Holding said: “I saw this strikingly shaped cloud at a sad moment in my life but it has been a hopeful and inspiring image to many people ever since. It certainly sparks the most interesting responses. It means different things to different people but can be whatever people want it to be. Contrary to interesting and popular debate, its title of 'Angel' is not intended to be a description — it is a cloud.”

Miss Holding contacted the Met Office, which said the cloud was probably the result of light refracting in ice crystals.'