'Angel' 2010 - 2011

'Angel' © cjholding 2003

2011 Testimonies...

Duncan W ~ 8th August 2011
'Angel is watching over us in the lounge and looks awesome!'

Deborah D ~ 1st August 2011
'I think it's amazing. I've told my friend to come in too, she has to see this.'

Jenny H ~ 4th June 2011
'What a wonderful story. I have just been reading your article and I think it's all just incredible.'

Emma LT ~ 2nd June 2011
'Isn't it funny how things work out, the Angels are definitely watching over you.'

Philippa W ~ 1st June 2011
'I was simply mesmerised the whole time I was in the room, it's simply amazing!'

2010 Testimonies...

Karen S ~ 26th October 2010
'You can feel the energy from it just standing next to it. There's no question... it's an Angel!'

Joanne F ~ 2nd October 2010
'I was amazed...It has brought me a great sense of warmth, if only I could've stayed until another day, but I think it was meant to be for me to walk in today.'

*** Janice R (USA) ~ Daughter of 'Cloudman'
Author of 'The Book of Clouds' ~ 18th August 2010
'Thank you for sharing your wonderfully unusual photograph of the angel in the clouds. Dad would have loved it and your story of how it happened! He was always looking up at the sky because he knew that mystical moment was right there and could happen at any time. What a blessing for you...'

*** Joyce & Dave Meyer (USA) ~ of Joyce Meyer Ministries ~ 11th August 2010
(Cj recently received a Personal letter from Dave & Joyce Meyer.)

*** Robert E-W (Warner Bros NY, USA) ~ 4th August 2010
'Very intriguing photograph, I must say!'

Diana G ~ Babes in Arms Charity Auction ~ 14th July 2010
'Thank you soooo much, I took her to the last meeting & everyone was really impressed by her & her history....She will go in the live auction.'

*** Sharon A ~ Save The Children ~ 10th June 2010
'It really is a beautiful photograph.'

*** Peter B ~ UNICEF ~ 6th June 2010
'Thank you once again for your email and sentiments and for your continued interests in our work with children. I have forwarded your email to the relevant team to pass on to Sir Roger Moore.'

Julie L ~ British Leisure Show ~ Help for Heroes Charity Auction ~ 12th March 2010
'It is just truly amazing, I am overwhelmed by your generosity thank you so much.'

Alison N ~ British Leisure Show ~ Help for Heroes Charity Auction ~ 11th March 2010
'Wonderful - thank you for your generosity, I just know it'll raise a lot. What a wonderful photograph! Thank you so much for donating it.'

*** Marion ~ (PA to John Burton-Race) ~ 3rd February 2010
'We would LOVE to hang your picture again...'