'Angel' 2012 - 2013

'Angel' © cjholding 2003

2012 Testimonies...

Nick L ~ 10th May 2012
'THIS is an inspiration. I will be watching this with great intention.'

Kate L ~ 5th May 2012
'I can't tell you how many people your cards have given support to and I love sending them out to the friends and family who need that little extra support.'

Richard S ~ 17th April 2012
'This will do great things.'

Unknown ~ 10th March 2012
'You took this? This is unbelievable! It makes you realise there's SOMEthing up there, hey.'

Paul B ~ 'Stamp of Approval' ~ 10th March 2012
'Angel was one of the most popular there and they were gone in minutes. We were thrilled with the response, it was great.'

Liza L ~ 23rd February 2012
'This looks beautiful! Look forward to catching up!'