'Angel' 2014 - 2015

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2015 Testimonies...

Mike C ~ 4th June 2015
'That's incredible. & I showed my wife & she couldn't believe her eyes. Amazing.'...

2014 Testimonies...

Philippa W ~ 28th September 2014
'I was given one of your Angels having seen one at HJ's practise - I look at it every day and adore it'...

Luisa E ~ 18th August 2014
'I have been memorised by this photograph which is hanging in the room of HJ's homeopathic clinic. It was my second appointment today and I asked more about it as have thought about so much over the past 6 weeks. I was delighted to learn that I could possibly buy a copy'...'

BS - Sotheby's ~ 20th August 2014
'Thanks for the opportunity to shine with your help, Blessings'...

RQ ~ 10th June 2014
'I purchased from you a very special Angel Picture. I have just returned from Jordan after doing my stint with Meds sens frontier. It was the most intense experience I have ever had. I was dealing with refugees from the Syria conflict who had been displaced... I handed out to several people the spare copies of the Angel Cards you gave me to people working out there in the Refugee camps, I took much comfort and strength in looking at the picture when things were tough...'

Sarah J ~ 7th June 2014
'I was admiring your beautiful Angel photograph that my friend has hanging up at home, I adore your photograph...'

GG ~ 23rd May 2014
'I was recently going through some photos I had...and i came across a picture that I took the day my father passed away in 2010...I took the photo because my dad had just died maybe an hour or 2 before and it was a beautiful sight ,also I thought it might have some meaning... I forgot all about the photo until I stumbled on to it today and then decided to Google it to see if I can find anyone else with similar photos...then I stumbled on to your story....the part that got me the most was how we both saw these images and took pictures of them at difficult moments of our lives...just wanted to share...god bless you....